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APR Golf R 2.0T ECU Upgrade

APR Presents our 2.0T Tuning Package for the Volkswagen Golf R!

Volkswagen Automotive Group’s 2.0T found in the Golf R is the world’s premiere 4 cylinder turbocharged engine and APR has developed a line of premiere performance enhancements to compliment VAG’s achievement. APR’s expertly recalibrated engine management upgrades and professionally engineered OEM replacement performance engine components result in an even more enjoyable, powerful and efficient operation with no loss of life or use. APR’s complete line of performance enhancements have been developed for the 2.0T to provide increases of +144 FT-LBS of torque and +131 HP with an APR ECU and Hardware upgrades without modifying the OEM Turbocharger.

APR’s Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Teams have built upon years of experience and unmatched accomplishments with VAG’s standard 200HP 2.0T FSI engine to develop new breakthroughs in drivability and performance enhancement for the Golf R 2.0T. APR has been able to fully realize the upgrades VAG provided in increased engine durability, efficiency and performance to deliver a tuning program that is the culmination of 9 years of research and development and unparalleled in the performance aftermarket.


RIMPROS.COM debuted their new DUB spinner floater at the 2011 SEMA show and this unnamed style garnered extra special attention and for good reason. As most of the custom car community agrees, spinners are definitely over but are these outlandish examples the exception?

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iPhone is Dynolicious

Since playing old school NES on you iPhone has become passé it’s time to start using your iPhone the way it was intended – as a Dyno.

Dynolicious Screen Shot

Using the iPhones built in accelerometer, the guys at Dynolicious have developed an application that will allow you to measure your vehicles performance without all the fuss of strapping your car to rollers. Dynolicious measures the following, and reports including some very cool graphs:

  • 0-60 MPH
  • Other Speed Tests (0-10 MPH through 0-100 MPH in 10MPH increments)
  • Quarter Mile Elapsed Time
  • Quarter Mile Trap Speed
  • Elapsed Time and Trap Speed for standard intervals (60′, 330′, 1/8 Mi, 1000′)
  • Lateral G’s (current and peak)
  • Braking G’s (current and peak)
  • Wheel Horsepower
  • Estimated Engine Horsepower

You can also store runs, max speeds, peak horspower and more.

KMC XD Series Hoss Machined w/Black Accent Wheels

The revolution is on with XD Series Wheels. The new styling and technology of off-road designs. XD Series wheels feature the KMC Reinforcement Ring. Look no further for quality and stunning style, XD Series Wheels are the perfect choice for your truck or SUV. Hubcentric Ring included where applicable.”

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HKS Press Release – Subaru WRX STI Turbo and Intercooler Kit


HKS, the world leader in import performance is an arms dealer of sorts when it comes to equipping the already potent Subaru WRX STI with weapons of mass acceleration.  The Subaru WRX STI can now suit up with a GT Full Turbine Kit (with external wastegate) capable of power levels exceeding 500HP with proper internals and tuning.  The 11003-KF001 includes the following components to make that happen:

  • GT3037S Turbine (56T A/R 0.87)
  • GT II Wastegate (50mm)
  • Up-Pipe SUS304 (50mm)
  • Downpipe (70mm)
  • Bypass Pipe (SUS304)
  • Chamber Pipe (Polished Aluminum)
  • Suction Pipe(Polished Aluminum)
  • Water/Oil Lines & Support Parts


To further compliment the GT Full Turbine Upgrade, HKS has also released a new R Type Front Mount Intercooler to handle cooling duties.  The intercooler core is a whopping 600mm x 255.6mm x 103mm and includes all necessary piping and couplers for a complete install, although some bumper modifications may be necessary.

To Download these Press Releases in their entirety – HKS PR – STI GT Turbine Kit & HKS PR – STI R Type FMIC

ARP Press Release – Mitsubishi 4B11 Turbo Head Stud Kit


ARP – The world leader in fastener technology has just released a new Pro Series ARP2000 head
stud kit
for 2007 and later Mitsubishi 2.0L (4B11) Turbo (EVO 10) applications.

Part No. 207-4206 – includes a set of ten ARP2000 head studs, ten parallel ground washers, ten 8740

chrome moly steel 12 pt nuts and a 1/2 oz. pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant.

All Pro Series ARP2000 studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining,
and are nominally rated at 220,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 35% increase in tensile
strength over the OEM Torque To Yield (TTY) head bolts.

To Download this Press Release in its entirety – ARP PR – 207-4206

AEM Press Release – New Analog Performance Display Gauges

AEM Analog Gauges

AEM Analog EGT & Boost Gauges
AEM is proud to announce the release of its Analog EGT & Boost Gauges, the newest additions to its high-tech analog gauge line.

AEM’s EGT & Boost gauges unite unsurpassed accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, analog interface. The AEM analog gauges also offer a 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC.


The EGT & Boost gauges feature a K-Type Thermocouple or AEM 35psi brass sensor respectively, making them among the fastest and most accurate gauges available. The backlighting is user adjustable to 7 colors, allowing users to easily match the wideband gauge to most factory gauge clusters. Each gauge comes with interchangeable black & silver bezels and is available in black or white gauge faceplates.

Following this release, AEM will be launching analog versions of the following display gauges throughout 2009: Water Temp, Oil Temp, Fuel Pressure, and Oil Pressure.


  • Adjustable backlighting via a dial on the back of the gauge
  • Available in white or black gauge faces
  • Includes black and silver interchangeable bezels
  • 320 degree viewing area for unsurpassed resolution
  • EGT gauge includes high quality K-Type Thermocouple sensor
  • Boost gauge includes AEM 35psi brass sensor
  • 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system

To Download this Press Release in its entirety – AEM PR – Analog Display Gauges

Skunk2 Press Release – KSeries Pro-Series Intake Manifold

Skunk2 KSeries Manifold

Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series has arrived. Skunk2 engineers looked to the popular ’06+ Civic Si’s RBC intake manifold for inspiration and went back to the drawing board. Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series features a larger plenum and shorter, oversized runners when compared to the RBC, and is cast with thicker wall material, leaving room for further porting for high-horsepower applications. Instead of producing a manifold with a significantly oversized plenum and excessively short runners that would sacrifice mid-range power, the Pro Series manifold was designed for the “street enthusiast” who wants more power but doesn’t want to sacrifice mid-range performance to get it. The results are improved airflow, an enhanced venturi effect, and both mid-range and top-end power gains.

Skunk2’s all-new, cast-aluminum Pro Series Intake Manifold for Honda’s K-series is a direct-fit replacement for all K20/K24 engines thanks to its unique, patent-pending water neck design and throttle body flange, which is compatible with OEM throttle bodies as well as those as large as 76mm (’06+ Civic Si requires adapter, sold separately). The special water neck design eliminates the cutting that would otherwise be involved with some RBC applications (remaining applications require special 1.0 x 11.5-inch NPT plug, sold separately), and the supplied thermal-insulated intake manifold gasket makes for a truly bolt-on installation (no drilling or modifying required). Pro Series manifolds also incorporate an angled-runner design, which allows for ample hood clearance on ’88-’00 Civics and ’90-’01 Integras with K-series engine swaps, as well as additional core support clearance on ’02-’05 Civic Sis.

Skunk2 KSeries Manifold - 3Panel

Pro Series Intake Manifolds offer horsepower and torque gains greater than the popular RBC manifold but without compromising mid-range power output. The design incorporates runners that are similar in length to the RBC’s but with larger bores, a special tapered design, as well as a larger, tapered plenum that together preserve mid-range power but increase and accelerate airflow to allow for significant top-end power gains. Pro Series Intake Manifold runner exits are also machined and hand-finished to best match the cylinder head’s ports. Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifold’s shape and design also increases wave scavenging effects at the engine’s ideal operating range, which allow for a broad increase in usable power.

Skunk2 is a familiar name in the intake manifold business, with more than 10 years of experience designing, testing, and building them. Similar to OEM manifolds, Skunk2’s Pro Series Intake Manifolds are shell-molded and CNC-machined for superior strength, a precise fit, and a high-quality finish. Each manifold is molded with smooth transitions from the throttle body opening to the plenum to the runners with clean parting lines for an optimal finish, both inside and out.

Skunk2 K20/K24 Pro Series Intake Manifolds will be available soon at a retail price of $449.99.


  • Increased Mid-Range and Top-End HP and Torque
  • Unique Water Neck Adapter Eliminates Cutting
  • 70mm Throttle Body Bore
  • Compatible With Up To 76mm Throttle Bodies
  • Thermal-Insulated Gasket Included
  • No Throttle Body Adapter Required
  • Angled Design for K-Swap Hood Clearance
  • High-Grade, 356-Aluminum Construction
  • OEM-Quality, Shell-Molded Casting
  • Skunk2 Nameplate
  • Vacuum-Tested for Quality
  • OEM Sensor Provisions
  • Introductory Retail Price: $449.99

For the complete write up and more pictures, check out Skunk2 KSeries Intake Manifold

COBB Tuning Press Release – AccessTUNER for G35/G37 and 350Z/370Z

COBB Tuning AccessTUNER

AccessTUNER allows custom tuning of Nissan and Infiniti ECUs to extract maximum power for virtually any performance modification, including forced induction. Engine tuners can create custom calibrations for vehicles equipped with aftermarket intakes, exhausts, cams, turbos, superchargers or any combination of performance modifications. The results are impressive gains in power and torque with all of the drive-ability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

AccessTUNER puts control of vital engine parameters into the hands of the tuner, such as intake cam advance, exhaust cam advance, fuel, ignition, knock, engine rev limiter, speed limiter and many more. Customizable data monitors let the tuner choose which channels are monitored to see how changes impact the behavior of the engine. The built-in data logging capability captures data from multiple channels across the entire rev-range, allowing detailed data analysis after a dynamometer test. 3-D graphical mapping gives the tuner a comprehensive view of engine behavior across three axis to evaluate where performance can be maximized. An integral dashboard shows the tuner-chosen gauges to be displayed during the tuning process.

AccessTUNER Pro is tuning software for professional tuning facilities. AccessTUNER Pro allows for unlimited tuning of any AccessPORT-equipped Nissan 370Z, Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G37 and Infiniti G35. The professional tuner can choose to lock the map in order to prevent unauthorized reproduction of the map or inappropriate use on other vehicles.

AccessTUNER Race [Beta] is self-tuning software for the end user. AccessTUNER Race has all of the tuning power of AccessTUNER Pro, but is married to a single AccessPORT. AccessTUNER Race [Beta] maps can be shared with other AccessTUNER Race [Beta] users. COBB Tuning Nissan-Infiniti Tuning Guides are designed to walk the user through the steps necessary to properly tune the ECU in a safe and straightforward manner. AccessTUNER Race [Beta] is free of charge to AccessPORT customers and can be downloaded by filling out the AccessTUNER Race [Beta] registration page.

COBB Tuning is dedicated to improving the AccessPORT line of products for Nissan and Infiniti enthusiasts. The release of AccessTUNER software is the first step in an intense program to bring COBB Tuning products to the forefront of the Nissan and Infiniti performance markets. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the near future.

Check out the full Press Release over at COBB Tuning

Mishimoto Press Release – Eight New Aluminum Fan Shrouds

Mishimoto Fan Shroud

Mishimoto is proud to announce the release of eight new performance aluminum fan shroud kits! All Mishimoto lightweight aluminum fan shrouds are made for a direct OEM fit and include two pre-assembled Mishimoto slim electric fans.

A Mishimoto fan shroud is significantly lighter and more durable than OEM fan shrouds and will notably improve engine cooling performance and appearance. The Mishimoto fan shroud kits increase your cars cooling performance by delivering a significant amount of air to the radiator and removing excess heat from your engine.

The new fan shroud kits will also safely secure the fan blades from potentially damaging other essential engine components.

New releases include:

For more information on these new releases visit Mishimoto PR – 8 New Fan Shrouds