Turbosmart PR: New Dual Port BOVs – STI, EVO X and GTR

Stronger, more durable, adjustable and capable of withstanding much higher boost levels than the factory item, the new Dual Port available for the 08+ Subaru STI, Mitsubishi Evolution X and Nissan GTR is an ideal bolt-on performance replacement for anyone intending to increase the boost on their vehicle.

Turbosmart Dual Port PR

Key features that sets this Series of BOVs apart from the rest:

  • Incudes both atmospheric and bypass ports
  • Easily converts to a fully atmosphere or fully bypass valve
  • Sequential ports provide a quiet operation on mild boost and full performance at full boost
  • Simple installation and setup.
  • Anodized cap
  • 360 degree rotating nipple

Like all Turbosmart BOVs, the new Dual Ports are manufactured in Sydney, Australia under strict quality control.