Injen Get Your Zoom Back On Your 10-12 Mazda 6 3.7L V6!

Get your Zoom back with the all-new SP6069, a true Cold Air Intake system that transforms itself into a Short Ram to get through any weather condition.

In addition, this system comes pre-tuned from Injen Technology ready to deliver up to 10 h/p and 9 ft/lbs of torque, the perfect weapon! As an added bonus, Injen now offers a web/Nano-fiber dry filter in every kit, the first surface loading dry filter that traps contaminants on the surface while accelerating air-flow.

Injen Technology – The World’s First Tuned Air Intake System!

Key Features:

  • MR Technology – tunes intakes to factory air/fuel ratios
  • Air Fusion – controls short/long term fuel trim levels
  • Web Nano-Fiber Dry Filter – the first webbed nano-fiber dry filter that catches contaminants on the surface and accelerates air flow for added performance
  • Machined And Tuned Sensor Adapter
  • Calibrated Sensor Housing
  • Heat Shield Deflector

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