AEM PR: Fuel / Ignition Controller-8

AEM 30-1930

AEM’s F/IC (Part # 30-1930 & 30-1931) is the answer for late model ODBII vechicles with aftermarket forced induction. The AEM F/IC lends you a hand with the following:

  • Fuel & Ignition – Drive up to 8 fuel injectors or control up to 8 additional fuel injectors. The F/IC-8 can also retard ignition timing.
  • Boost Control – The F/IC-8 features built-in boost control. All that’s needed is AEM’s Boost Control Solenoid (Part # 30-2400)
  • Datalogger – With the F/IC-8 you can datalog to your PC with a USB connection or to the 2MB internal logging memory.
  • Can-Bus System – AEM has designed the F/IC-8 not to interfere with the factory Can-Bus system of late-model race vehicles.
Not only is the AEM F/IC available for Universal applications, but a direct bolt-on for late model Chrysler/Dodge vehicles is also available.